We Retract! Keyfood on Yellowstone, We Like You

Sooo, a while we said some not nice things about the Keyfood on Yellowstone (Formerly Dan’s Keyfood). Since then we’ve been back a few times (because we have SO many supermarket options- please note sarcasm), and we’d like to retract our statements! Perhaps they were going through growing pains. It’s actually much more clean and organized than it used to be. Everything looks so orderly and is always stocked. One of our favorite things has to be THEIR AMAZING BEER SELECTION! Not only are the cold choices great, but they have a huge part of an aisle dedicated to fermented yumminess as well. Kudos Keyfood, kudos.

What does everyone else think? Leave your thoughts below or tweet @ForestHillsNYC.

P.S. Don’t be jealous Natural on Austin and Trader Joe’s, we still love you!


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Ok, so we guess we have to make the obligatory “Whoa there was a tornado right in my neighborhood!” post since our neighborhood was one of the worst hit in the epic weather that took place a couple of weeks ago. We’re not going to lie, it was pretty scary when it happened, even though it only lasted a few minutes.  Pretty wild when we couldn’t see anything except white winds and pieces of trees and roof tops flying around. 108th street and the surrounding area looked a complete mess after this hit. In fact, some spot STILL look like a mess! Way to go (insert who/what we’d like to blame here).

Below is a video from @scottstraley, share your pics and videos with us!  Post in the comments section here or tweet them @ForestHillsNYC. Check out this Flickr set from @adammazza.

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Another Supermarket. More choice or more of the same??

A couple of weeks ago we noticed Trade Fair on Queens Boulevard had become Twin Value. Yesterday we passed by again to see although not open yet, it appears to be stocked and almost ready to go.

So is this an upgrade or not? We read in some places Twin Value is still owned by either Trade Fair or Associated, other places say it’s a Key Food subsidiary. If it’s the latter- what’s the point? There’s already two other Key Foods. Dan’s Key Food was was fine until it was sold to new management. Since then, it’s dirty, customer service is less than stellar, and the items advertised as on sale are mysteriously not stocked. We like going to the Natural and Trader Joe’s for key items, but are still in need of a plain old regular supermarket that doesn’t suck.

Where do you do your grocery shopping? Does anyone know who Twin Value is owned by? Do you think a Waldbaums will ever come (back) to FoHi?


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FoHi Home Gardens

Spring reminds us how great it is to live in Forest Hills. We’re lucky to have so much greenery around us in this part of NYC. Like many other FoHi residents, we love keeping our own little (mini) garden. Last year we had plants, hot banana peppers, tomatoes and some herbs out on our terrace.

Hot Banana Peppers

Hot Banana Peppers

One of our juicy tomatoes

One of our juicy tomatoes

This year, because of a home project, our crop is on hold for now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire and get inspiration from other FoHi friends. One of our “tweeps,” habbeyl36 sent us over some pics of her awesome garden. Click here to view the album she’s created to keep track of her garden’s growth, it’s pretty impressive.

Hayden Lees Garden

Hayden Lees' Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, do you have a garden? What are you folks growing?
Or- if you’re like us and have a terrace, if and what are you able to keep in the space? Leave your comments at the bottom of the page or tweet them @ForestHillsNYC

In the meantime, here’s 2 great things finds via Daily Candy today.

For apartment dwellers (or anyone, really). Check out this mobile garden!

Portable, affordable, and très chic.

For those with yards, check this out-
“Seed Bombs: Toss these gumball-sized seed-and-soil pods out into your garden – no need to even dig a hole – and they’ll eventually bombard your yard with a bee, butterfly and bird-friendly wildflower mixture specific to the US region of your choice.” Click here for info.


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The Better Burrito?

Ah, the art of the burrito. So delicious, so filling, such beany cheesy goodness. Veggie, meat, chicken, shrimp- whatever your preference, the burrito feeds your need!

So now let’s get down to it.  The main drag of Austin Street has Garcia’s and the Five Burros. Which has the better burrito/taco/American Mexican food?

Five Burro Cafe
72-05 Austin St

70-09 Austin St

Leave your comments below or tweet @ForestHillsNYC

TheArtOfKaren: Burros! RT @ForestHillsNYC: 5 Burros vs. Garcia’s RT @RogerClark41: @ForestHillsNYC love five burro… And toys in margaritas…
KatiLady315: @ForestHillsNYC 5 Burros HANDS DOWN!!!
RogerClark41: @ForestHillsNYC love five burro…the steak is delicious! And toys in margaritas…
NoGoPhoto: i like taco bell, but that’s not on austin st
RosettaStone1: @ForestHillsNYC @Rogerclark41 ♥ the toys-still have some from “certain” occasions – but like the Margaritas better at Garcia’s. Food? B’s.

JacksonHtsLife: Hey @ForestHillsNYC — A Jackson Heights Lifer gives a thumb’s up to FoHi’s Five Burros! http://ht.ly/1Flvb || #Queens #food

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Queens Culture

It’s been a while since our last post!
The weather has been getting nicer after a winter full of snow. (On that note, can you believe NYC public school closed TWICE?!  School never closed when we younger… but we digress). The nice weather makes for long walks, exploring parks, museums and other fun FoHi and it’s close neighborhoods have to offer. While Manhattan,and even Brooklyn, are often the first places people think of for NYC arts and culture, Queens doesn’t do to bad in this area either!
We have PS1 and it’s awesome summer warm up parties, galleries all over Astoria and Long Island City, and right next to FoHi we’re lucky to have Flushing Meadows Corona Park and everything that comes with it! The Queens Botanical Garden, NY Hall of Science, Queens Zoo, Queens Theater in the Park and the Queens Museum of Art. Did anyone go to that crazy sea battle last summer the museum hosted?! Queens and culture go hand in hand. We list some local picks on our “Local Links,” but we’d like to pose a few questions to you:
1- Any local culture links you think we’re missing?
2- What’s your favorite place for arts/culture in Queens?
3- Although we have some nearby spots, do you think FoHi itself is lacking in this area?

Discuss. Leave comments or tweet @ForestHillsNYC

@FHmetro: @ForestHillsNYC One that’s often overlooked: Queens County Farm Museum http://www.queensfarm.org/

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We Might Have to Change Our Logo

As most of you have heard, the V subway line (which currently runs through FoHi) will be discontinued. According to Gothamist, there will be some sort of M/V combo. NYU News has more details (why NYU seems to have the most info, we have no idea) :

The M line’s routes in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn will be altered or eliminated, and it will also lose its distinctive brown color and instead adopt the orange hue of the B, D and F lines. The M will continue to run in Queens and Williamsburg.

But fear not, V fans. According to an MTA spokesman, “The train will run along the M tracks between Broadway/Lafayette to Metropolitan Ave., skipping the currently served [Second Avenue], and along the V tracks from Broadway/Lafayette uptown to Forest Hills. So really, the service along the V line will remain, but it will be renamed.”

Do you think this will affect your commute at all? Are you sad to see the V gone? Personally, what we’re most upset about is the prospect of having to change our header/logo.

Leave your comments below or tweet @ForestHillsNYC

FHmetro: @ForestHillsNYC It doesn’t seem like it will affect our commutes too much – just different signage…
amandakohut: @ForestHillsNYC No. If I ever had to take a local, I would take the R. I think I used the V maybe twice since it came to Forest Hills.

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